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Smarter travel for business

Helping your staff with their daily commute can be as simple as getting some cycle parking installed or putting up some local travel information on a notice board.

Why is it important? Giving staff real choices about how they travel to work makes for a happier, more energised workforce - which makes for a happier, more productive business overall.

Don't forget about trips your staff have to make for business too. Individual trips can soon add up to a substantial business cost - both in fares and mileage expenses, and in productive time lost to travelling. Did you know that office workers spend 23 days a year travelling to and from meetings?

Promoting smarter business travel helps you to manage those costs. Reducing the need to travel for business, or simply making it easier for staff to choose a more sustainable way of travelling, can lead to less time spent travelling, cost savings for your business, and a happier, more engaged workforce - less time in the car is good for everyone!


  • business savings
  • reduced staff travel costs
  • reduced demand for car park spaces
  • better use of staff time

The links below & opposite will give you some easy ideas to help you promote different travel choices to your staff, as well as more information about schemes to help get you started.